SEO Tools

Use these tools to find and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines to find a website they're looking for.


1)Traffic Travies : Free Market Research SEO and PPC optimization tool

Traffic Travies is a free to download software which covers many aspects of SEO. It's an all-in-one SEO tool that combines market research tools, SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns, optimization tools and competitor research tools.

2)Keyword Tumbler : Keyword Research Marketing Tool

Here's a freeware tool which takes an existing phrase and creates several new variations. It mixes the words in the phrase and gives you all possible variations. A useful tool to get a list of possible search engine phrases.

3)Keyword Pad : Keyword List Generator

A more advanced keyword generation tool with many useful options. With Keyword Pad you not only generate keywords list, but can also manipulate them--remove duplicate keywords, sort keywords, remove unwanted words and characters, find and replace a term, merge lists etc.

4)Primitive Word Counter : Keyword Density Calculator

Primitive Word Counter is a valuable SEO tool which calculates the density of a keyword in a given paragraph. After finding the density you can also save the result in .csv format. Completely free to use, no installation required.

5)Keyword Analyzer : Free tool for keyword gathering and result estimation

With this tool you can compare the competition against the demand of a certain niche. Keyword Analyzer takes your main keyword, generates a list of 100 related keywords and then shows you the number of searches for that keyword on popular Search Engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo.

6)SEO Surf : SEO Analysis Tools

This tool allows the users to shortlist, follow up and manage potential link partners, eases backward link management and finds keywords related to the base keywords. Users can get time based reports and export them to html. A useful tool for novices as well as experienced Search Engine Optimizers.

7)Xedant Keyword Harvester 1.1 : Keyword Harvest Tool

This tool harvests information from the top 10 web pages which appear in a search query on Google against one or many keywords. The information includes Keywords from Meta Keyword Tags, Web Page contents, Title Tag, H1 to H5 Tags and Image Alt Tags etc.
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Online Tools

8)Google Keyword Tool : Free Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool is a free tool from Google which gives ideas about new keywords. It takes a keyword, phrase or a URL of a web page and gives out a list of related possible keywords.

9)Search-based Keyword Tool : Keyword Tool with additional Functionalities.

This tool has all the properties of above mentioned Google Keyword Tool plus it generates keywords as well as landing page ideas highly appropriate and specific to the given web page. It also helps you identify advertising opportunities that are still unused in the AdWords ad campaigns of user.

10)Keyword Density Analyzer : Keyword Density and Word Depth Calculator

This free online tool helps you to determine a keyword's density and depth measurement. Keyword Density Analyzer takes URLs, Keywords and Stop Words as input and outputs the Word and Character Density as well as whole Keyword Density.

11)Niche Watch11 : Niche Keywords Research Service.

Here's a free competitor analysis tool which gives you output against a keyword. This online tool gets a keyword or phrase and gives you an analysis of the top 20 competitors against that keyword.

12)Google Suggest Keyword Suggestion Scraper Tool : Keywords Suggestion Tool

This tool gets keyword from users and grabs the top queries from Google Suggest, Google search result counts, and links them to the SEO Book keyword suggestion tool to give users a list of Keyword Suggestions related to the original one.

13)Free Keyword Suggestion Tool : Keywords vs Search Volume Estimator

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool takes a keyword from users and generates a list of Top 100 related keywords. Along with the list, you'll get an estimate of the daily search volume against each of the keywords. It comes with an Adult Filter feature with options of "Remove Offensive" and "Remove DubiousRemove Dubious " keywords.

14)Keyword Suggestion Tool - Keyword Popularity Tool : Keyword Suggestion along Popularity.

Another helpful keyword suggestion tool, which also informs you about the most popular combinations. Some of the features include Search for related terms and common misspellings, Seasonal Search Trends, KEI Analysis and Keyword Density Analysis.

Browser Plugins

15)Google Semantics 2.2 : Firefox Add-on

This Firefox add-on helps you get a synonym for a keyword during a search on Google. This is also known as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) and is a vital element in Search Engine Optimization and article writing.

16)Alexa Toolbar : SEO Toolbar

A handy SEO toolbar for Internet Explorer users. This SEO toolbar has features that let you view the stats on any site you visit: related links, traffic trends, Alexa traffic ranking and more. Definitely a tool to check out.

17)SearchStatus 1.29 : Firefox Toolbar Extension

SearchStatus is a free extension for Firefox. Check how every website in the world is performing. For every site users visit, you can view its Google PageRank, Google Category, ranking, Alexa incoming links, backward links from Google and more.

18) MetaTags : Firefox Sidebar Add-on for SEO

As a free sidebar add-on, MetaTags conveniently displays the meta-information of web pages like meta tags and links. This tool also helps in finding duplicate keyword phrases and few other SEO jobs.

19)Web Developer : Firefox, Flock, Seamonkey Extension.

Designed for Firefox, Flock and Seamonkey, WebDeveloper adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools. It can work on several platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.